We provide premium quality Turkish Translation services in a variety of fields.

Turkish Translation

We provide premium quality, accurate and dependable Turkish Translation services in a variety of expertise areas.

We utilize only very experienced Turkish translators and editors. We strictly monitor the capacity and quality of work of our linguists and other staff.

We work with industry standard software packages and a variety of file formats to suit your requirements.

TurkishWord is the excellence center for Turkish translation services.

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We localize software, mobile applications, websites, user manuals and technical files, user interfaces, mobile applications and ensure that the contents reflect the feel and language as if they were originally written in Turkish.

When localizing an app, website, or and other product for the Turkish audiences, we examine many factors in addition to idiomatic language translation including details such as local sensitivities, currencies, time zones, national holidays, and product or service names.

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turkish medical translation

We utilize our highly experienced medical translator linguists as well as physicians, pharmacologists, geneticists, and other medical professionals for your medical translation needs between Turkish and English. Our expert linguists edit and proofread medical translations provided by healthcare professionals to ensure fluency and consistency in the target languages.

We translate patient records and reports, medical articles, drug and other medication patents, informed consent forms, patient reports, psychiatry textbooks, multimedia medical applications, medical device user interfaces, medical handbooks, medical help content, medical equipment instruction manuals, medical brochures, medical software, and medical terminology glossaries.

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document translation

When translating technical documents, user and service manuals, technical training materials, automotive and aircraft manuals, we always use specialists in the subject matter and highly experienced technical translators as primary translators. The translated technical documents are then edited and proofread by other specialized linguists to ensure quality, consistency, and coherence. We also provide correct solutions in terms of Turkish terminology. The translated technical texts we deliver to our customers maintain the quality and consistency of the original documents, both in terms of language and format.

Our technical translation expertise areas include and is not limited to hardware and software manuals for computers and peripherals, electricity, general electronics, communication devices, automotive, textile, chemistry, construction, architecture, various production machinery, medical devices, air and land vehicles and heavy machinery, agriculture, environmental and many more topics.

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Turkish business translation

Within the scope of our Turkish business translation services, we translate product catalogs and brochures, user manuals and websites of international and domestic clients between Turkish and English thanks to our able and experienced linguists.

The language used in business translation is of great importance in ensuring that your business letters, other business correspondence and company presentations are clearly understood by your audiences.

If you need commercial and business translation services between Turkish and English that are delivered on time, precise, fluent, and accurate, look no further and please contact us.

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We have experienced and capable Turkish translators to provide you the best possible translations between English and Turkish.

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Website localization as well as Turkish business and legal translation services.

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Accurate Turkish translations delivered on time.

document translation

Software and application localization.

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Video subtitling, translation, and transcription.


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