Turkish Translation Services

TurkishWord is renowned for being the excellence center for Turkish Translation.

  • TurkishWord Translation Services is a bilingual translation provider specialized in high-quality & on-time translations between English and Turkish.
  • TurkishWord was founded in Ankara, Turkey in 2004 by an experienced team of Turkish translators.
  • TurkishWord has an extensive well-qualified team of professional, highly experienced, and capable professional Turkish translators.
  • Since 2004, we’ve developed a large and reliable network of Turkish translators consisting of linguists, medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, and professionals of other expertise areas who full- or part-time translate for us in-house or remotely from their preferred locations.
  • All of our colleagues are meticulously hand-picked based on their background in translation and their own specialisms as well as samples of their work and professional aptitude.
  • Thanks to our unrivaled team of experts, we’ve won the confidence of many international clients as well as Multilingual Translation Service Providers who entrust their clients’ particularly critical and significant Turkish translation requirements to us in the first place.
  • Translation is a field of work that is associated with a plethora of electronic and humanly mediums. We can handle almost all common electronic file formats to translate the contents therein. We’re comfortable with the most widely used Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools such as memoQ, TRADOS and the like as well as similar cloud- or on-premises based Translation Memory Systems.
  • While it’s only a prerequisite to be able to use such CAT Tools, they don’t guarantee an almost perfect translation at all. Although we like testing the limits of state-of-the-art translation technologies from time-to-time, sometimes, there comes a time when we realize that we need real human touch as there may be resources whom we cannot reach electronically to find a really complete solution for our clients! When this happens, we go out to the field and do find such resources.

We’ll be more than pleased to satisfy your Turkish translation needs. Please do not hesitate to Contact TurkishWord via info@turkishword.com or drop us a line via +90-312-447 4032.


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