Details of some of our translation and localization services.

We are able to provide accurate and reliable medical translation services thanks largely to the physicians, pharmacologists, geneticists, and other medical experts who translate for us. The texts translated by these healthcare professionals are then edited and proofread by linguists to ensure fluency and consistency.

The medical translations we have successfully accomplished so far range from prescriptions to medical articles and include drug patents, informed consent forms, patient reports, psychiatry textbooks, multimedia medical applications, medical device user interfaces, handbooks, help content, medical equipment instruction manuals, brochures and software and medical terminology glossaries.

We will be pleased to meet your medical translation and localization needs. You can contact us here.

Use of the correct terminology is the key to technical translation and localization.

 industrial chiller When translating technical documents, user and service manuals, technical training materials, automotive and aircraft manuals, we always use specialists in the subject matter and highly experienced technical translators as primary translators. The translated technical documents are then edited and proofread by other specialized linguists to ensure quality, consistency, and coherence.

We will be pleased to discuss what we can do to meet your technical translation needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our specialized and experienced staff have successfully localized websites, user interfaces, system messages and user and technical documentation for a wide variety of clients. We utilize Translation Memories (TMs), Terminology Management Tools, Content Management Systems, and Localization Workbenches for our localization and internationalization processes.

sample user interface

When localizing a product or a website, many factors must be examined. In addition to idiomatic language translation, details such as time zones, currency, national holidays, local sensitivities, product or service names, gender roles and geographic examples are all considered. A successfully localized service or product is one that looks as though it was developed within the local culture.

Localization is:

  1. The process of modifying products or services to account for differences in distinct markets.
  2. The process of adapting software for a particular geographical region (locale). Translation of the user interface, system messages, and documentation is a large part (but not all) of the localization process.
  3. The process of modifying products or services to account for differences in distinct markets.

Please contact us to discuss about your localization, internationalization, and globalization needs.

Accurate legal translation requires loyalty to the source text and to the context as well as use of correct terminology, tone, and style in the target language. The translation of a legal document will usually have the same legal effect as the original.

At Turkish Word, we use experienced legal translators who are specialists in corporate, litigation, intellectual property, tax, and labor law. Other legal documents we translate include Powers of Attorney, Real Estate Contracts, Legal Agreements, Court Documents, Business Proposals and Contracts, Employment Contracts, and much more, utilizing the experience of professionals specialized in translating legal material.

Please contact us with the details of your legal translation requirements.

Business translation services of Turkish Word include translations of Invitations to Tenders and information on tenders, bidding announcements, official tender documents once they have been purchased from the Turkish Government, foreign investment and international trade legislation, and information on doing business in Turkey.

We also translate your business letters and other correspondence, company presentations, brochures, legal documents into English and Turkish.

If you need timely, accurate, and dependable business translations between English and Turkish, please contact us.


What is claimed is:

  1. A system and method for translating descriptions of Patents, Utility Models, Design Patents, and Trademarks correctly, faithfully and even stylishly, comprising expert and experienced translators (7, 8, 9) that are technically masters of the subject; a translation process (26); an editing and proofreading process (14) conducted by linguists (6, 11), and a final text (3) localized and ready for submission for approval by the Turkish Patent Institute.
  2. A process (5) according to Claim 1, characterized in that the translations are completed on time (2), properly (1), and cost efficiently (10).

sample patent drawing

Do you have translation projects that require multiple language translation, editing, localization, or networking tasks?

Turkish Word's resources, staff, and experience are at your service to coordinate all types of translation projects, regardless of the size, the number of languages involved or nature of the project.

We put emphasis on the planning stage of all translation projects in order to increase their efficiency, effectiveness, and success. Our project management cycle covers conceptualization, planning, preparation, implementation, monitoring and the final evaluation phases.

We look carefully at the subject matter, identify priorities and consider possible strategies. We then develop a budget and prepare a draft project plan. We present the project proposal to the client, solicit their feedback and, with their approval, begin to implement the project. The whole process is monitored continually to guarantee the best possible results.

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